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Spider Project December Timetable

Posted on December 14th, 2022

The Spider Project is open to people who have mild to moderate mental health challenges (whether diagnosed or not) and people that are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, that are abstinent. To access their groups and sessions, membership to the Spider Project is required. The Spider Project take self-referrals or referrals by other services and professionals via email, phone or face to face.

The process for enrolment is:

  • Referral – 5 – 10 minute conversation to go over some questions about abstinence and /or mental health questions around suitability and book enrolment
  • Enrolment – approximately 60 minutes 1-1 to complete documentation
  • Membership – Must attend in at least two activities per week and be able to engage in a group setting
  • Wellbeing – Members will be invited in for a 1-1 every 3 months to discuss goals and their wellbeing

Spider Project December 2022 Activity Timetable