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Healthy Steps Programme for families with children aged 5-11

Posted on June 7th, 2023

Healthy Steps is a new 8-week programme of emails from Better Health that encourages families to take steps to improve their health and wellbeing. With a particular focus on lower income families with children aged 5-11, the programme covers nutrition and physical activity, along with helpful tips on making mealtimes easier and more fun, especially if you’re dealing with fussy eaters.

How does Healthy Steps work?

The free 8-week email programme encourages families to eat better and move more, with budget conscious, easy and practical ideas. Parents/carers can sign up at any time by completing a quiz about their current eating and physical activity habits. Once they’ve completed the quiz they will receive weekly emails on one of these themes, tailored to their quiz results:

  • Reducing sugar
  • Eating 5 a day
  • Meal planning

The content in the emails will then provide families with simple ways to take steps towards healthier behaviours. As part of the programme, families are set goals or tasks to complete every other week, such as swapping out sugary fizzy drinks, or adding fruit or veg to their breakfasts. Regular feedback points give families the opportunity to celebrate their successes and continue to make positive changes.

Read more about how Healthy Steps works: Healthy Steps Programme

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